At the age of 28, Davide de Vries has already made a significant impact in the field of remote sales and high ticket closing, amassing over $6 million in sales through his prestigious agency. Davide excels not only as a business leader but also as an educator, passionately guiding individuals on how to enhance their income via remote sales—an industry ripe with opportunities for financial independence.

For the past seven years, Davide has crafted a distinguished reputation in the online sales arena, aligning his brand with success and gaining access to a network of top-tier business leaders. His agency collaborates with prominent brands to boost their sales, leveraging a team of elite sales professionals.

Davide’s commitment extends beyond mere sales achievements; he is devoted to transforming lives through the education of essential sales skills. Presently, he is accepting only five students each month, offering personalized, intensive training to develop them into expert remote sales representatives. Upon completing their training, these individuals are immediately placed into profitable sales roles within his agency, equipped to start earning with the skills they have acquired under Davide’s mentorship.

His training methodology is distinctly individualized, focusing on the specific needs of each trainee. Davide goes beyond mere instruction, ensuring each graduate secures a job placement promptly after their training—setting them up to apply their new skills without delay, a stark contrast to many programs that conclude without tangible career prospects.

Davide champions the belief that sales is the quintessential skill for financial success. “Sales is the number one skill in the world for anyone who is ambitious and wants to achieve wealth,” he asserts. He underscores the benefits of mastering remote sales, which offers the flexibility to work from any location at any time, a freedom deeply valued in his curriculum that emphasizes skills such as appointment setting and phone closing.

As he looks to the future, Davide is unwavering in his commitment to spread his knowledge of sales to as many individuals as possible. His current mission is to replace 50 traditional jobs by the end of 2024, empowering individuals to take charge of their financial futures and enjoy prosperous, autonomous lives through mastering sales.

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