Debarpan Mukherjee is a Tech savvy engineering graduate who is now a full time blogger and SEO expert. Amongst many things, he is a Digital Marketer, Web Developer, an SEO Expert, and Entrepreneur.

“I have always kept that entrepreneur sparkle within me.” shares Debarpan.

He first launched his own blog on Blogspot back in 2010. In 2013 he made one his most successful website ‘TechTrickHome’ which makes its profits from Google Adsense and Other Online Earning platforms.

Debarpan one of the most famous tech blogs in India. He has applauded by various other top bloggers throughout India and made appearances in some other famous blogs along with Neil Patel.

He worked till he had the financial freedom to become his own boss. What makes him unique is his genuine curiosity for acquiring new knowledge. It all started out of his dream to help people with his skills in SEO, WordPress design and successful online marketing. “Now I have the confidence and inner satisfaction that respectively my clients are able to fulfill their own dreams as I help them on their journey of developing and maintaining websites.” he adds on what drives him everyday.

Now, he runs a Digital Marketing Agency from his living room and helps clients from several countries to improve the online presence of their business grow using SEO and SMO.

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