Recent years saw the launch of many e-Commerce websites and Apps that promise to woo buyers with an elevated shopping experience. Though some platforms offer great value and brand experience to buyers, a whopping number of shopping websites abjectly fall short of consumer expectations. To enhance public awareness, experts at 300 Oferta highlight the following 3 factors online buyers must consider before making a purchase.

  1. Since you cannot verify first-hand the quality and authenticity of the merchandise, online buyers must check out the seller credentials and verification markings provided by the e-Commerce site. The team at 300 Oferta believes, “Good After-Sale service and clear-cut customer-centric return/refund or cancellation policy build trustworthiness of the vendor.” Ensure reading these policies before proceeding to purchase. Secure payment gateway without hidden cost and Payment on Delivery (POD) options are also great credibility markers one must follow to avoid disappointment.
  2. As a buyer visiting a store your eyes always gauge the price tag attached to a product. In the same way, while buying online, you must see price information and total cost inclusive of taxes and shipping charges stated in clear terms to avoid any misunderstanding later. “We always ask customers to see if they qualify for free shipping or any promotional discount and offer applicable to their chosen item and whether that reflects in the final cost,” says Experts at 300 Oferta.
  3. The next important factor is consumer experience. 300 Oferta Team says, “Buyers should not fail in checking onsite verified customer review and real-time feedback with photographs of the product.” These reviews are authentic guides to real-life product descriptions and post-sale experiences. They can save you from misleading marketing or promotional hype.

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