His popularity has been on a rise with more than 1 million social media following that speaks a lot about his dynamic presence.

Italian-born Kevin Francesco Maria Sacchi, more popular as Kevin Sacchi has managed to create a strong foothold in the entertainment industry as an artist while simultaneously establishing himself as a successful digital entrepreneur who has led his company to reach towering heights of success. Born in Crema on November 13th 1999, Kevin has established himself as a successful artist and digipreneur who has gained immense popularity owing to his outstanding line of work which he has exuded via his music and communication agency named KS Digital Force.


His popularity as an artist rose when his distinctive style of music caught up wide attention, grabbing maximum eyeballs. What was unique about his work was that his electronic songs had Arabic, Manele, Balkan melodies, which made them unique and popular within no time, catapulting his position as an artist to the next level. He not only aced in his career as an artist but also built a lucrative career as a digital entrepreneur by establishing his agency KS Digital Force which has under its roof some of world’s biggest brand’s, including VIPs, celebrities and many more popular personalities who have handed over their digital communication jobs to his entity. Nonetheless, the agency has grabbed its position among the top ten agencys’ in the world, which is quite commendable.

His social media presence has received a massive boost as he has gained a huge following of more than one million, which is quite impressive. Furthermore, he became the Italian testimonial of Triller app, an international rival to TikTok, which catapulted his position to the top among world’s known personalities like Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus, Martin Garrix, Snoop Dogg and many more. To further boost his career prospects he founded KS Digital Force in 2019 which today manages numerous global accounts which have crossed more than 300 within no time. He has become one of the youngest successful digital entrepreneurs below 30 who has managed to pull off such a humongous task with ease.


Kevin has also lent his hands of support towards numerous social causes, one being raising over €250,000 in association with Gofoundme platform to donate to his city of birth, Crema during the global pandemic in 2020. He has a list of achievement that have followed suit like founding the first digital figure in the world in the tattoo industry with the term “INKFLUENCER“, Ink + Influencer to tell the history of the art of tattoos by participating in tattoo conventions in Italy and abroad. Furthermore, in 2021 he came up with many interesting singles like Mente Da Star, King Of Persia, Baby Bling and an entire album titled – Mister Worldwide, using Balkan melodies for the first time in Italy which gained wide appreciation. In 2022, he founded “Kevin Sacchi Brand“, which has also achieved tremendous success in no time.

Site: www.kevinsacchibrand.com


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