Big news for the music industry with the new album from Brendash V  “Kin”. The recent global pandemic acted as a spoiler for many artists’ careers as the entertainment industry depends on people coming together to make its endeavors successful. With social distancing restrictions in place, the entire industry fell on its feet. Brenda Valdovinos a.k.a Brendash V gained a lot of international fame when he collaborated with many well known celebrities in Mexico.

Behind every viral dance trend and radio smash, there is a team of producers and singers. Brenda Valdovinos a.k.a Brendash V is one marvel music artist who has given us many hits. Fresh off releasing his tracks on his Spotify Channel he garnered an insane amount of listeners. The album ‘Kin’ is home to songs like ‘Yaxkin’, ‘Kuul’  and ‘Xiik’.

The new full-length is home to several popular singles that have been tearing up in recent months. Brendash V knack for melody and lyrics has made it quite clear that he is at the forefront of this new Pop/ Electronic music style mashing up with authentic instrumental vibes.

Brenda Valdovinos a.k.a Brendash V was working on this album during the pandemic, with this new album she wants to take all listeners into another level of state. “Music is magic” she says.

Brendash V is also working on several upcoming albums.

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