Who is Mel Maryns?

Mel Maryns is just 17 years old but delivers perfect music. She lives in Cork, Ireland. She has been following her passion since she was a kid.

She always felt appreciated and confident while singing. She has a very good taste in music. She writes original songs. She performs on the streets with the ultimate passion in mind that she is born to be a singer.

When Did She Get Into Music?

She understood that singing was her passion ever since she was a kid. She always had a musician ambience in her house as her dad used to play the guitar. She taught herself to play the piano by watching tutorials on YouTube. She is a self-taught singer that sings on the street and allures people’s attention.

What Kind Of Music Does She Prefer To Sing?

Mel Maryns has been working on many songs at present. Her singles are based on real-life incidents that she has been through. A glimpse of realism is found in her songs.

She has said that she wants to share music with people and inspire them about life through her music.

What Is So Special About Her Music?

She unapologetically tries to be herself. That is the real essence of her music. The lyrics, music, voice and her piano comes in unison and delivers a genuine song that is very appealing.

She wants to sound very natural while singing. This is what keeps her motivated. She names her singing style as Mel Maryns. Isn’t it unique?

Her music is just like her thought process, her melody, brain and every single thought that strikes her. She feels the lyrics and melody and only then sings.

Who Is The Biggest Musical Star That She Looks Forward To Working With?

She is a big fan of Guns and Roses, Billie Eilish, Evanescence, Shawn Mendes, Skid Row and Ariana Grande. She feels inspired by the music of Shawn Mendes and thinks of collaborating with him someday.

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