One of the most important features of contemporary messaging apps is encryption, which guarantees that chats are always private. Although end-to-end encryption for chats and video calls has been available on WhatsApp for some time, the chat app has also been working to make encryption signs more visible over time. One such signal is the one that has been present in WhatsApp beta versions going back to 2021. One of these indicators is located just below the contact or group name in the most recent beta version of the app.

According to WABetaInfo’s reports, the capability was initially observed with the WhatsApp beta for Android version in January. However, the website claims that with the most recent beta (version, this indicator appears to be appearing more widely. The indicator is preceded by a tiny lock and reads “end-to-end encrypted”.

But this banner won’t stay up all the time. It will only be visible for a short while before giving way to the most recent indicator, according to WABetaInfo. Naturally, users can manually confirm the encryption by going to the Encryption tab on the contact information page. Does this significantly affect consumers on a daily basis? Although it may be disputed, those who are unfamiliar with WhatsApp and may be unsure about its encryption standards will surely find this helpful.

About three years ago, a large number of users began switching from WhatsApp to other messaging services like Signal. But since then, the Meta-owned service has advanced significantly, giving up on its contentious privacy policy dispute and becoming as one of the most reliable messaging systems available.

WhatsApp explains its encryption rules in great detail already within the app. As stated in its mobile apps, status updates on the platform are end-to-end encrypted in addition to conversations and voice and video calls. Even a thorough FAQ page with all the details on the developer’s encryption standards is available.

This new encryption indicator has been a part of the beta cycle for some time; according to WABetaInfo, it may also be present in WhatsApp beta versions,, and for Android. Additionally, this indicates that its arrival in the stable version shouldn’t be too far off.

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