Even though the normal iPhone 16 models might keep the same screen size as the models released this year, they might have more significant design improvements than the Pros. That’s because there are rumours that they will include two new buttons in addition to a smaller camera island. A CAD render that was shared on X gives us a possible image of the iPhone 16.

The iPhone 16 is anticipated to share the same overall design as its predecessor, the iPhone 16 Pro. Furthermore, the phone will still feature a 6.1-inch screen rather than having a larger screen like its Pro competitors. Nevertheless, it appears like Apple has at least three design updates in store for it.

With this configuration, the iPhone 16 should be able to record spatial videos that can be seen on the Vision Pro headset. Currently, the iPhone 15 Pro is the only device that can use this feature.

The Action button, which made its debut on the iPhone 15 Pro last year, appears to have taken the position of the ring/silent option that was located above the volume buttons. Any activity that users commonly execute, like turning on the torch, can be assigned to the button.

On the other side, the supposed Capture button is visible behind the power button. It is anticipated that this new button would make taking pictures in landscape orientation easier. According to reports, the button will be pressure sensitive and allow users to do things like focus and zoom in and out in addition to taking pictures and movies.

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