One silver and three bronze in Iran’s record

The third round of the Asian Wushu Championship ended with the runner-up position of the Iranian national team in the Sanshu section.

According to the news agency, in the continuation of these competitions, today in the Sunshow section and in the weight of 60-

Ali Dehghan won the gold medal by defeating an opponent from South Korea and in the weight of -70

 After defeating the Vietnamese Wushu Kar, Mohammad Ayini won the gold medal.

In the 75-kilogram weight class, Ehsan Khosravi, after defeating the Chinese wushu kar, faced an opponent from Turkmenistan and won the silver medal for the Iranian team by defeating him.

Also, on the last day of these competitions, Fatemeh Dehghani won a bronze medal in the women’s sun show at 52 kg and Farzane Dehghani at 56 kg.

In the talo part, Sania Moalempour won the country’s first palatal bronze medal in the broadsword form of Tai Chi Chin.

It should be mentioned that the final scores of the Asian Championship Wushu competitions are ranked based on the Sun Shui and Talu parts, and the Iranian team won two gold, one silver, and two bronze medals in the women’s and men’s Sun Shui parts, after the Chinese team, and won the runner-up title. Macao team stood in the third place.

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