With the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Ring anticipated at this year’s second major Unpacked event, it is pretty much inevitable.

But the corporation had withheld a large deal of information, the majority of which were only made public by the FCC listing. There will be nine different Galaxy Ring variants, according to the FCC database. This is in line with what Samsung said at the MWC 2024 event. These models are essentially variations on the smart wearable’s size; the business stated that ring sizes 5 through 13 will be available initially.

The fact that each smart ring size has a varied battery capacity makes them all intriguing to look at. The Galaxy Ring in sizes 5 to 7 will have a 17 mAh battery, sizes 8 to 11 will have 18.5 mAh, and sizes 12 and 13 are indicated to have a 22.5 mAh battery, according to the FCC listing.

Prior to this, Samsung has announced that the devices will last five to nine days between charges, with the larger models appearing to have longer battery lives. Nevertheless, Oura’s Ring Gen 3 (available on Amazon) claims a battery life of five days, which is the same as the lower five days.

  • SM-Q505: Size 5
  • SM-Q506: Size 6
  • SM-Q507: Size 7
  • SM-Q508: Size 8
  • SM-Q509: Size 9
  • SM-Q500: Size 10
  • SM-Q501: Size 11
  • SM-Q502: Size 12
  • SM-Q503: Size 13

In addition, as was widely anticipated, the FCC papers disclosed that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will support Bluetooth LE communication. Additionally, the company displayed the smart ring at MWC in two additional colours: gold and silver, despite the listing only featuring black.

The bottom schematic of the charging cradle—which powers the smart ring—was also discovered in the FCC application. It’s uncertain if various Galaxy Ring sizes will have various cradles.

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