Its an obvious fact that life after football can be harsh for previous NFL players.

On Saturday, ABC7 News was at UCSF’s cardiovascular research building where there was a free facility to give them “heart and orthopedic screenings.”

Coordinators state when players retire they as often as possible aren’t as cautious with their health.

Combined with symptoms of playing the game, it would all be able to include.

The individuals who showed up are grateful for the chance.

“Well this is a great opportunity for all of the players, especially ones who may not have an insurance. It’s vital to me to be here, every opportunity I can get to check me out to make sure everything is going great,” said J. Douglas Hollie.

The event was put on by the Living Heart Foundation related to the NFL Players Association.

Since they began voyaging nation they’ve seen around 6,000 previous players.

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