This youngster shows unaverred passion and commitment in everything that he chooses to do in life.

It always feels quite amazing to know and learn about different individuals from different corners around the world doing amazing their respective industries.

The attitude to achieve excellence by offering something new to people and provide value to them through their work has what allowed a few individuals and professionals across fields to achieve the success they enjoy today. We came to know about one such high-performing professional named Simone,

who not only believed in his dreams but also in the efforts he put in to turn the same into a beautiful reality.

Simone is a young Italian man who started his career in the vast world of modelling at the naïve age of 19. Interestingly, his charming personality and dynamic looks also helped him get placed second in the famous ‘Mister Italy’ beauty competition. In the year 2017, after working for a while in Milan, he moved to Hong Kong to pursue his dreams to make it huge as a model while becoming a personal trainer too. While in Hong Kong, Simone realized how creative his soul was. In particular, he was really attracted by the videography world and after mastering Mobile videography, he bought his first camera and started creating videos for social media.

He gradually developed his skills in the same and specialized in impactful 10/20 seconds videos to promote products/services, which allowed him to work with many prestigious international brands. In 2019, after moving to London to study business, Simone wanted to take his career to a new high. By leveraging the online medium and his skills in photography, he started making tutorials on Instagram and TikTok. Even without a proper equipment during the first lockdown period in the UK, Simone focused on making short tutorials,  combining his modelling and video skills, which thrived his handles on Instagram 100K and TikTok 500K.

As he saw how people loved his tutorials, Simone decided to take it to the next level by curating courses around it while also managing the hat of a content creator and influencer on social media. Today, this young talent has also shown excellence in social media consultancy by helping people and brand to develop their online presence and reach.

Is there anything that Simone can’t ace? We guess not.





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