Mollywood is a flurry of activity as the dystopian comedy ‘Gaganachari’ prepares for its June 21st global premiere.

This much anticipated movie, which is helmed by Arun Chandu, has created a great deal of buzz ever since its trailer and posters were released.

“Gaganachari” has already created a name for itself internationally, winning prizes at a number of major international film festivals, such as the Pramana Asian Film Festival in Southern Italy, the Los Angeles Film Awards, and the New York Film Awards. Both reviewers and viewers have applauded its original plot and captivating narrative.

Set in a dystopian Kerala of 2043, ‘Gaganachari’ delves into the hilarious mayhem that ensues when an apartment full of troublesome bachelors turns into a haven for an extraterrestrial woman on the run. Arun Chandu and Siva Sai, a former assistant to acclaimed director Priyadarshan, co-wrote the movie. This teamwork has produced an engrossing tale that ingeniously and creatively combines humour and science fiction.

Gokul Suresh, Aju Varghese, KB Ganesh Kumar, Anarkali Marikar, and John Kaipallil are among the film’s star-studded cast members. Surjith S. Pai is in charge of the cinematography, and his use of visual narrative heightens the film’s apocalyptic mood. The film’s overall appeal is enhanced by Shankar Sharma’s musical score, while stunt maestro Phoenix Prabhu choreographs the action sequences, which promise exciting and entertaining moments.

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