Dealers still have stock of the pre-facelift Nexon EV in both trim levels, even though Tata debuted the facelift version of the vehicle in September. To clear this stock, dealers are providing tempting discounts of over Rs 2.60 lakh. These are good until December 31 and come in the form of exchange bonuses and cash discounts.

In addition to an exchange bonus of Rs 50,000, the Nexon EV Prime, the less expensive model, is being provided with a cash discount of Rs 1.40 lakh. With the savings, the Nexon EV Prime is now available for between Rs 12.6 lakh and Rs 14.60 lakh, down from its previous price of Rs 14.5 lakh. There are cash savings of up to Rs 2.10 lakh on the top-tier trim, Nexon EV Max, in addition to an exchange incentive of Rs 50,000.

This has led to the Nexon EV Max’s price dropping from Rs 16.49 lakh to Rs 19.54 lakh, to between Rs 13.89 lakh and Rs 16.94 lakh. It’s interesting to note that neither of the versions has any corporate deals, and the discounts make the Nexon EV an even better value when taken as a whole.

Tata Nexon EV Prime as it is now

Every manufacturer offers a discount, and Mahindra is no different. Like Tata, Mahindra is offering discounts on its XUV400 EV to clear out current year stock and to attract buyers who may be considering its competitors. The base EC variant is discounted by Rs 1.70 lakh, while the top-end XL variant is discounted by an astounding Rs 4.20 lakh. This effectively lowers the price range of the EV between Rs 14.29 lakh and Rs 15.19 lakh.

The Nexon EV is more affordable for the base model whereas the XUV 400 EV is more reasonable for the top-end long-range variation, taking into account the discounts and the final pricing of both items. However, even the Nexon EV before the facelift seems like a better deal overall than the XUV400 EV. Discounts of up to Rs 35,000 are available to buyers of the recently released Tata Nexon EV facelift, but they are limited to the Fearless+ and Fearless+ S versions of the mid-range and long-range trims.

With an ARAI-certified range of 312 km and a 129 hp motor powered by a 30-kWh battery pack, the Nexon EV Prime was replaced by the Nexon EV Max, which had a 40.5 kWh battery pack with a 143 hp electric motor and a 437 km range (ARAI-certified). The ARAI-certified range of the facelifted Nexon EV has grown to 325 km for the Nexon EV Prime and 465 km for the Nexon EV Max. The Nexon EV still uses the same battery, motors, and power outputs.

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