A Mumbai user’s food purchases worth ₹42.3 lakh and the fact that biryani was Swiggy’s most-ordered dish in 2023 are just a couple of the intriguing data the food delivery service revealed on Thursday, December 14.

According to a study from Swiggy titled “How India Swiggy’d 2023-unwrapping India’s year in on-demand convenience,” users of the app can now view a summary of their customized orders.

Data on food orders and searches made on the Swiggy platform for the current year, from January to November, is included in the study.

In 2023, India placed 2.5 biryani orders every second. One vegetarian biryani was ordered for every 5.5 chicken biryanis, according to Swiggy.

Additionally, it was discovered that user accounts with more than 10,000 orders each from Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad placed the most orders.

The report claims that 269 items were ordered in a single order in Jhansi, and 207 pizzas were ordered in a single day in Bhubaneswar.

Swiggy highlighted the food orders during the holidays, stating that Masala Dosa was the most popular vegetarian order for all nine days of Navaratri and that Gulab Jamuns outshone the typical suspect Roshogollas with over 7.7 million orders during Durga Pujo.

Swiggy, which bestowed upon Bangalore the title of “Cake Capital,” announced that 8.5 million orders for the city’s most popular chocolate cake had been placed.

According to Swiggy, on Valentine’s Day in 2023, 271 cakes were ordered from India every minute. A user from Nagpur placed 92 orders in a single day, saying they “probably ate it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and repeat!”

“Vegans made a strong push to overtake other dietary preferences, with orders on Swiggy Guiltfree showing a notable 146% increase in vegan orders,” the statement said.

Every statistic and piece of knowledge unearthed in our 2023 disclosures bears witness to the varied tastes and developing food and on-demand delivery culture in India, as well as the story of a year well-Swiggyd. Here’s to many delicious stories, tasty treats, and fascinating trends in 2024 as we continue to enjoy the distinctive flavors that characterize our Swiggy journey,” Swiggy stated in the study.

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