Lots of exciting new features have been added to Android 14, which is currently available on some of our favourite handsets. While we are still learning about a number of these tidbits with the QPR2 release, back in July we had a sneak peek at a really useful note-taking function in the OS. With a pen, you could use it to call up your preferred notes app as an overlay and take notes. Support for this functionality is available in the most recent version of Google Keep, however it isn’t quite functional yet.

While it might not be the greatest software for managing your shopping lists, Google Keep is among the greatest for capturing notes on Android devices. With Google Keep, you may either type or handwrite your ideas. These features make it the ideal tool for promptly recording ideas as soon as they occur. A few new capabilities in Android 14 are targeted exclusively at this note-taking market: those who frequently use a Bluetooth-paired stylus with their phone or tablet.

Rahman demonstrated how to set up a lock screen shortcut on Android 14 to open the default note-taking app in a video from July. Alternatively, you could add a new system-level setting to make the stylus buttons launch the same application in a conversation bubble that floats, a la Messenger bubbles. Telegram sleuths from the Google News group claim that Google Keep has settings related to these Android 14 features. For example, under your device’s settings, you can select Keep as the Default notes app.

Furthermore, if you had the Force enable Notes role option activated in the Android 14 developer settings, you could open your preferred notes app via a shortcut on your home screen. The option also makes it possible to configure a lock screen shortcut, such as opening Google Keep using one of the shortcuts. This implies that you should be able to use Keep as the default notes app, on the lock screen, or in the screen overlay even when another app is running when Android finally implements this useful functionality for taking notes with a stylus.

Remarkably, when you use Google Keep’s lock screen shortcut to open the app, you can also adjust how frequently new notes are made in the app’s settings section. This setting, which is found under the Lock screen notes section, lets you reopen your most recent lock screen note five minutes after you lock and put the device down. This is ideal for those ideas that immediately spring to mind after you put down your pen and tablet and start writing. With the For two hours, Just today, and Always options, you may even set longer timers. The shortcuts default to creating a new note each time they are accessed after the designated duration expires.

Nevertheless, Android 14 does not come with the Notes role enabled by default, and Keep is merely preparing the way for the feature’s eventual deployment. Thus, clicking the shortcut merely leads to the Play Store and a demand to update the application. This is a positive indication that the most recent version of Android will soon receive an upgrade that will enable you to take notes while you’re thinking.

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