It’s undeniable that some people are born to achieve great things and Izzy La Reina is one of these women who were born to shine. The beautiful musician was born in Brazil and moved to Los Angeles, where she is dedicating a lot of time into the pursuit of music. She is known for expressing herself through dynamic lyrics and great musical productions.

Izzy La Reina debuted last year with her song “Diabla” which amassed more than 5 million views and streams on YouTube and music streaming platforms. she is now making her presence felt with her latest track “Pa Ti” featuring Amenazzy. Izzy says that she was part of an all-girl band at an age of 14 which really helped her carve her persona as a dancer and performer. Her dancing and rhythm are top of the class and she knows how to mix her moves with the powerful lyrics and catchy sounds.

Izzy La Reina’s childhood is something straight out of a Hollywood movie. Her father being a pastor used to travel around Brazil where she used to accompany him and sing in the churches which helped her get multi-cultural influence. She moved to the USA for better opportunities in music as she claims that music is everything to her. Even after moving to USA, she has strong roots back in her home country where she also has a very strong fanbase that she made after her successful stint as a band member at the age of 14.

Izzy La Reina said that she will keep dropping new songs and keep surprising her fans with her songs that are known for having Latin vibe that makes them so special. After dropping back to back hits like “Diabla”, “Boy Toy”, “La Oscuridad”, “Pa Ti”, Izzy La Reina is definitely planning something big and we can’t wait anymore for another banger.

Izzy La Reina keeps her fans updated here on her Instagram and being a fan of her music, I would definitely suggest you to follow her

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