He is a first-generation American-born multipreneur who gives back to communities as a compassionate soul.

Having the vision to attain specific goals in life is one thing, but gathering the courage and grit to take the less-trodden roads, walk with confidence, hustle, learn and unlearn things, acquire maximum knowledge and work relentlessly to turn those visions into a reality, is a different thing altogether. To belong to the latter category, people need to surrender to their dreams and work fingers to the bone to get nearer their visions and goals in life. This is exactly what the CEO of Shah Enterprise NJ, Imran Shah did in his life’s journey to become the highly revered business owner he is today. He is a first-generation American-born business owner who is half Pakistani and half Hawaiian.

However, what has garnered more headlines toward him is not just the inspirational success story he has created for himself but also his charitable works, being a compassionate soul. He says that he saw all possible struggles in life and had no guidance from anyone, not even from his parents, who had left him at a very young age, after which he had to grow up in a shelter till 21 years. Hence, he decided to give back to people and organizations and makes sure to donate six figures a year to help single parents afford to live and provide for their children.

The brain behind Shah Enterprise, Imran Shah, also highlights the many businesses he has under his conglomerate, like Oil Refineries, Gas Stations, Real Estate, Jet rental services, and many more. His enterprise has a net worth of $180 million. He owns three restaurants worth $1 million, 18 real estate National properties + 125 acres of land, and 2 apartment buildings with 48 apartments, approx. worth $40 million, for his daughter Aaliyah’s farm truck stop, a gas station/truck stop worth $1.5 million, Air Shah Jet worth $32 million, and 8 properties owned overseas in Pakistan and Dubai of worth $5 million.

From doing a job at a car dealership, finding a mentor, and starting his first gas station to becoming an over $100 million businessman with Shah Enterprise NJ, Imran Shah has come a long way.

For more information, follow his enterprise on Instagram @theshahofnj.

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