We speak with Aaliya’s attorney about the next steps as Nawazuddin Siddiqui prepares to decide and pursue a divorce from her.

Actress Nawazuddin Siddiqui is prepared to separate her estranged wife Aaliya and resolve their differences. It has been made known that he will be dropping the defamation lawsuit he brought against her as part of the deal.

Additionally, it is said that the settlement process is for other issues related to the marital discord; a contentious custody fight is not currently anticipated. Together, they have two children.

Aaliya mentioned in the interview that she was supposed to leave the rental apartment she was currently residing in by March 30 but that she had applied for a one-month extension because she couldn’t find another place to live. Due to this disagreement, societies won’t rent me any land.

She also mentioned that because she lacks the funds, both of her children are not in school, but she has enrolled them in a variety of courses to keep them current. She will go back to using her initial name, Anjana Kishore Pandey, following the divorce.

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