The perfect formula for a Summer club hit single, a seductive tech house, R&B club song, Salter Provides the soaring hook melodies while Banks provides the Hip hop edge to the verses, while Oakenfold and Bennasi handle many variations of different production styles for this remix package. Listen to Hypnotic today, Available on all streaming platforms.

Zach Salter is an Arizona born singer-songwriter with a smooth and melodic Dark Pop sound. The last name “Salter” is derived from the an ancient and medieval musical instrument called the “Psaltery” which was the original wooden instrument with strings stretched between pegs to be plucked or bowed in royal court as early as the 12th century BC. If you played this instrument, you were known as a “Salter”.

Salter first began his musical journey by writing and producing for other artists out of his family owned, multi-platinum award winning recording studio “the Saltmine Studios” in Phoenix Az

Salter has written and produced with numerous world renowned collaborators such as Paul Oakenfold, Benny Benassi, Rick Ross, G-Eazy, E-40, Vory, 070 Shake, Azealia Banks and many more.

Salter has recently signed to Perfecto Records and is currently working on his debut album with Paul Oakenfold taking the role of executive producer. Follow Zach on Instagram at

The Legend Paul Oakenfold Also known as “Oakenfold” or “the Legend” is a British Producer and Trance DJ. He is a three-time Grammy nominated record producer. As well as being nominated twice for the World Music Awards. Oakenfold was voted the No. 1 DJ in the World twice in 1998 and 1999 by Dj Magazine. Oakenfold has provided hundreds of remixes for hundreds of artists including Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, U2, The Cure, Britney Spears, New order, The Stone Roses, Massive Attack, Moby, and many more.

Benny Benassi a Dj from Italy, record producer and remix expert. He is widely seen as a pioneer of the genre “Electro House” brought into the forefront by his 2002 summer smash hit titled “Satisfaction”.
Benassi started his career as DJ along side his cousin Alesandro Benassi forming the electronica duo “The Benassi Brothers”. Although Benassi began to gain popularity with his pseudonym in 97 by releasing the song “Electric Flying”, his first global hit record was titled “I Feel So Fine”, released in 2001 under the name “KMC”.

In 2003, Benassi released his first solo debut album, titled “Hypnotica” which is nostalgic to his recent collaboration with Salter and Oakenfold. Hypnotica incorporates what some call “electro clash” sounds and many elements of house music. “Hypnotcia” won The European Border Breakers award that very next year. The debut album of the Benassi Bro’s Pumphonia was released the song “Illusion” became the most successful in the USA night life scene, eventually peaking at the number 4 slot on Hot Dance Club Play, soon followed by “Hit My Heart” which then finally peaked at number 15.

In 2008, Benassi’s remix of Public Enemy’s “Bring The Noise” won a Grammy award for Best Remix at the 50th Grammy awards In 2009. Benassi also famously was inducted into the Top 100 DJs list from DJ Magazine at number 26, while in 2011 was rated number 7 on The DJ Poll Top 100 by DJ List web site.

Azealia Banks is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actress. Raised in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, she started in the music industry by releasing music through the social media platform Myspace back in 2008 before eventually being signed to XL Recordings at age 18. In the year 2011, her first single “212” went viral and entered several global chart rankings. Banks finally signed with Interscope before later going separate ways in the summer of 2013. Banks eventually became an independent musician and started her own indy record label, Chaos & Glory Records, after countless negative experiences with prior label partners.

Banks has released three mixtapes “Fantasea” in the year 2012, followed by Slay-Z in the year 2016, and then “Yung Rupunxel” Pt.II in the year 2019,Then followed by a studio album titled “Broke With Expensive Taste” in the year 2014, and two extended plays 1991 in 2012 and Icy Colors in 2018. Her long-delayed second and third studio albums, Fantasea II: The

Second Wave and Business & Pleasure, await release. The lead singles from each respective album, “Anna Wintour” and “Black Madonna” were released in April 2018 and June 2020 respectively. In December 2017, Banks had her film debut in the musical drama Love Beats Ryhmes portraying the lead character.

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