Today we will talk about Rohit Bag who has recently launched his 4 new songs , Rohit Bagh is a resident of Kolkata, he was born on 18 July 1999 in Kanpur and after some time he was shifted. During the recent conversation, Rohit shared some of his things with us.

Q- Can you tell us about your background?
A- I belong to a middle class family where my father late Tarapara Bhag was pharmaceutical chemistry and my mother is a housewife. I am the only son of my mother and father and after the passing of my father, all the responsibility of the house fell on me.

Q- When did you get interested in music?
A- Since childhood, my father was very fond of music. He often used to sing me old songs of his time. Because of which my interest in music grew and I decided that I want to grow up to be a music artist.

Q- Why did you decide to enter the field of digital marketing?
A- The condition of our house had deteriorated after my father left. I had completed my studies by teaching tuitions to the children. Then once I understood that digital marketing was a very good idea to make income and as soon as I came into the field of digital marketing, my income started getting better and the condition of my house started getting better.

Q- Can you tell us about your songs?
A- This year I have launched four songs, its name is Jerry Tune, Jupiter, Cyclotron, Shades. My songs are romantic as well as funny. Songs are much better for the people of today’s generation and youth like to listen to it.

Q- Can you tell us something about your daily routine?
A- I give great importance to time in my life.I follow a discipline life. I like to do all my work on time. Discipline helps me a lot to be successful and I believe that if I am whoever I am today I am only because of my discipline.

Q- Can you tell us about your hobbies ?
A- I am very fond of traveling. I love exploring new places. I also love to read books and I am also very fond of photography.

Q- Want to give a message or a success tip to our youth?
A- I don’t want to give any messages or success tips. I just want to say that whoever wants to achieve something big in life. They have to make a goal in their life and have to walk whole life with that goal.

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