A platform created by Ryan Bilodeau called Catholic Booster is spotlighting beautiful acts of faith during a pandemic in order to give Catholics a spiritual “booster shot.” At a time when Bishops are restricting access to the sacraments, Bilodeau argues, the faithful need all of the edification possible.

Many Bishops have decided to cancel Masses in the near future after a March 13 statement by the United States Conference of Bishops.

The faithful are encouraged to consult their local (arch)diocese or (arch)eparchy as to local directives on the celebration of the sacraments. The USCCB’s Committee on Divine Worship has shared helpful considerations with the U.S. bishops regarding their role in regulating liturgical celebrations as they make decisions for their respective dioceses in the wake of growing public health concerns.

The USCCB, as well as the Confraternity on Christian Doctrine (CCD) and the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL), have waived permission requirements for prayers and readings in both English and Spanish to allow dioceses to livestream Masses during this time as social distancing measures are implemented.

Catholic Booster is an effort to provide some edification to a body of Catholics who feel pandemic-induced anxiety and other emotions.

Bilodeau commented, “We need to give people a glimpse of beauty at a time like this. Why is beauty important? In this post-truth and relativistic world, Dostoevsky’s famous quote could never ring more true: ‘Beauty will save the world.’”

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