The popularity of bariatric surgery has increased over the last couple of years, as people find it a more comfortable and safer way of losing weight. From sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass and adjustable gastric band surgeries, bariatric surgery is now the go-to for people who’ve struggled with obesity for years. Dr. Guillermo Alvarez is a bariatric surgeon who has dedicated his life to helping people lose weight and is one of the most sought-after bariatric surgeons globally.

Dr. Alvarez did his training in Mexico, France, and the United States before returning to his native Mexico to start his practice there. The renowned bariatric surgeon focuses only on Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. He has perfected his craft so well that he is one of the twelve surgeons in the world on whom the Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery title has been bestowed by an independent review board, Surgical Review Corporation. He is also an Amazon best-selling author, having written and published several books on gastric sleeve surgery.

Dr. Alvarez is the founder of Endobariatric and the Endohospital, located in Coahuila, Mexico. The hospital is the first in the world to be built for specialization in gastric sleeve surgery and is staffed by a team that has over 15 years of experience in all forms of weight loss surgery. Having seen how obesity can harm one’s health and self-esteem (he did a gastric sleeve surgery on his mother), Dr. Alvarez and his Endobariatric team focus on helping their clients live healthier lives. He has done over 18,000 gastric sleeve surgeries and has thousands of positive reviews from patients whose lives he made better.

Despite the sheer number of patients the hospital gets, they all get personalized attention from Dr. Alvarez. “I do only 3-4 surgeries in a day. This gives me time to properly prepare for each surgery so that my patients get the best services,” he explains.

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez has set out to help patients struggling with obesity and weight loss in his Endohospital, and the thousands of people who have lost weight with his help can testify to his prowess.

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