There’s a music executive and film producer that seems to be making major moves throughout the industry. He goes by the name of ELEVENNYNE

ELEVENNYNE is currently the executive director of Bungalo Records, which is micro label attached to Universal Music Group. ELEVENNYNE is originally from the hard streets of South Central Los Angeles, but then later in life ran into success, in which he decided to relocate to the Hidden Hills. Hidden Hills is easily one of the most expensive neighborhoods in all of California to reside in. ELEVNNYNE received his name due to his birthday being on November 9th, or 11-9, this helped to brand himself as an actual entity within the entertainment business, with a name that has actual meaning behind it. As of now, ELEVNNYNE is in the process of releasing an independent filmed titled “Adam & Eve”. The film will be starring Brian Hooks, who is most notable for his appearances in Soul Plane, 3 Strikes and Fat Beach. 

ELEVENNYNE is definitely on a role when it comes to executing his goals, and this movie is definitely a must watch when it comes to people who appreciate great films. Make sure to follow ELEVENNYNE on all social media platforms @ELEVNNYNE in order to stay up to date with all future releases by this current entertainment executive and producer.

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