Tina Dutta and Shalin Bhanot, competitors on Bigg Boss 16, talk about their love. Shalin admitted during the conversation that their relationship is doomed.

Tina responds, “No need to intimidate me with your words,” to Shalin’s claim that he is not interested in talking about his connection with Tina as they sit in the garden area.

Says Shalin “It is clear that there is no future for us. There is no longer anything like it between Tina and I.” Tina and Priyanka concur on this.

After becoming angry, Tina responds to him by saying: “Don’t threaten me. It’s incredibly challenging to chat to you, Shalin. You can go and say whatever you want to say about me. On-camera or off-camera whatever you are saying in front of me and threatening me with your words, just go and share with everyone. I am giving you a free hand.”

After that, Tina Datta leaves the conversation. Tina responded, “I am not interested in engaging into this conversation any more,” when Shalin questioned why.

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