The music industry is becoming competitive and harsh with every passing day. It takes immense toil, creativity, and patience to stand out from the rest. DJ Phellix is someone who has made his way to the top by means of these attributes. He is unlike your average artist. He is a talented musician who produces electronic dance music with an Oriental mix. Born on 28th April, 1988, Mohammad Reza Sadhegi or more popularly known as DJ Phellix, has always been passionate about music. He started his journey at merely fifteen years of age. Thus, it has been over seventeen years since he ventured into this world. During this period, he garnered significant experience which proved beneficial for his career. DJ Phellix has been making a lot of waves in the music industry lately. He has not failed to amaze us with his unparalleled composition, style and sound production which reach new levels with every passing year.

He has also achieved a lot during these seventeen years. For instance, he has garnered over 2.5 million streams on Spotify and 1.5 million streams on Soundcloud. Considering his music style is experimental and unique, the feedback received is huge. He has expressed his gratitude towards his fans and all his listeners who have always motivated him to make new music. Besides this, his tracks were played at multiple globally renowned radio stations. This includes BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, New York Live, Miami Beach Radio and many more.

If you have not yet listened to his music, you are highly missing out. His latest track is called ‘Hold me’, in collaboration with SOAVE Records. It is a gem for electronic music fans. After receiving immense positive feedback on this track, he has decided to release an entire album for his fans. DJ Phellix has always catered to his audience’s needs first. He has put his whole soul into every track he has ever created. This is why it is rich in emotions and the audience is able to connect with it. The three essential elements that are prevalent in his music are style, sound, and vibe. This is evident in ‘ASHKE SETAREH’, another one of his brilliant tracks. The track combines many musical genres such as Traditional, Organic House, and DeepHouse. After its release in October 2021, the number of listeners and streams increased rapidly. The present music industry is extremely harsh which is why many aspiring artists have left hope. However, the story of DJ Phellix has been able to inspire countless people.

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