Lil Mabu racks in over 100,000 streams in te first 30 days of his new release, “Heartbreaking”

Lil Mabu is back with another amazing track titled “Heartbreaking.” Every time LIL MABU comes out with a new track he shows us a different side of himself, and he did not disappoint with the release of this new single. Accumulating over 100,000 streams in the first month on all DSP’s without a manager, label, or distribution deal, Lil Mabu is sure to obtain a global audience. Wiith his fans always eager to hear more, he is already gaining immense traction with only 1 year in the industry.

By Ida Taylor

Ida Taylor is a celebrity chef, author, travel documentarian, and television personality who focused on international cuisine and culture. She wrote both fiction and historical nonfiction the culinary mysteries. She also wrote news articles on as a free lance author.