Google indicates its smart speakers will be renamed ‘Nest Home’

Google indicates its smart speakers will be renamed ‘Nest Home’

Google clarified that it would apply the Nest name to all its smart home items, yet exactly how might it rename great items? People currently have a superior thought. As of this writing, a visit to the Connected Home Accessories section of the Google Store’s Special Offers page demonstrates the Google Home’s replaceable base as “Nest Home Base.”

The item page still alludes to the speaker by its original name, however people will discover this change in the terms and conditions too.

Everyone have approached Google for comment. It’s not sure if an authority renaming is right around the corner, particularly when the Home Mini and Home Max aren’t influenced at this point. Be that as it may, it appears as though changes are at least underway.

This likewise recommends Google isn’t waiting for a hardware refresh to apply the Nest badge to a standout amongst its most famous items – people may see the Nest name wherever regardless of whether the gadgets are otherwise the same as before.

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