GoSun is back at CES with a new solar cooker. The GoSun Fusion aims to feed a family of five with solar cooking technology and a solar-electric heating system at night, when it is cloudy or even in heavy rain.

GoSun has supported a large number of its projects on Kickstarter, and the Fusion is the same. Other GoSun models effectively accessible incorporate the GoSun Sport, GoSun Grill and GoSun GO.

The Fusion cooker can be energized by means of GoSun’s sun oriented power bank and solar panel, and works with accessories, including a Bluetooth thermometer to tell you when your food is completely cooked.

The tech behind sun powered cooking works with vacuum tube innovation without the utilization of propane or charcoal. Daylight is engaged onto the vacuum tube by parabolic reflectors. That changes over almost 80 percent of the sun’s rays into heat that can develop to 550 degrees, while keeping the outside of the cooker cool to the touch.

That vacuum tube likewise functions as an insulator to keep the food hot. The Fusion additionally utilizes a thermal heating element in the base of the cooking plate. The heating element needs a 12V battery to cook a full meal and is encased in a stainless steel cover.

The Fusion will be accessible for $499 with redesigns and accessories sold independently. GoSun is likewise working on a solar table and solar-powered cooler, likely coming to kickstarter in the spring.

The group at GoSun expect that the Fusion should come to market in April 2019. GoSun’s different cookers are accessible at this point. Costs run from $139 to $699.

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