The MX Ink stylus, made especially for Meta Quest mixed reality (MR) headsets, is the newest product from computer accessories manufacturer Logitech.

The MX Ink, which was created in tandem with Meta, gives users additional control over activities like navigating, annotating, and creating within MR apps.

The capacity of MX Ink to serve as a third paired controller for Meta Quest headsets is one of its primary features. The stylus and controllers can be switched between by users without interfering with their work. The stylus is compatible with both the Quest 3 and Quest 2 versions, and pairing is accomplished using the Meta Quest app.

The MX Ink stylus, which is expected to be released this autumn, has a pen-like shape and a pressure-sensitive tip that delivers a natural feel for both 2D and 3D creation. It can be used in combination with the MX Mat to make writing more comfortable.

Furhan Zafar, Vice President of Sustaining Product Operations & Accessories at Meta, claims that MX Ink is a special input method for the Meta Quest environment.

For the Meta Quest ecosystem, MX Ink provides a unique input device. We think that having a complementary tool like this, which will be supported by a lot of users and applications, will be beneficial to Meta customers.

This action comes in response to an International Data Corporation (IDC) research indicating that 9.7 million mixed reality headsets will be sold by 2024 due to high demand. Compared to the previous year, when it experienced a 23% decrease, this is a new height. Mixed reality headset sales are expected to reach 24.7 million units by 2028, according to IDC estimates. Magic Leap, Apple, Microsoft Corporation, Meta, and Alphabet are important participants.

MX Ink represents a step forward in user control, creative potential, and collaboration within the virtual reality world, however its exact impact is still to be determined.

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