A 31-year-old Italian fitness coach, Matteo Arnaldi, when asked about what he thinks is the perfect body replies ” The Perfect body is one that the Person Likes. The most important thing is to be in health, regardless of how you look, it is that you have to like yourself and be confident”.

When asked about if he was always this fit Matteo replied “I was fat and bullied till I was 15. Even at my local gym, I was bullied”.

Through all of it, Matteo stayed confident and 10 years later he bought the gym and the bullies became his clients and trainers. He has become an inspiration to many people all over the world.

He also believes that you can achieve your goals only when you have the right mindset which is why he considers himself a mental coach and not just a fitness trainer.

He caters to your specific needs and models a fitness and food routine suitable for your lifestyle which helps you achieve your fitness goals.

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