Pradeep Rawat, who played a rival in the Aamir Khan-starring film “Ghajini,” talked about why director AR Murugadoss initially decided to cast Salman Khan in the popular movie. Though the film is a remake of the same-titled Tamil film directed by Murugadoss, Pradeep voiced apprehensions about Salman’s supposed short fuse possibly causing issues that the director could find difficult to handle.

During the film’s production, Pradeep shared insights into the process with Siddharth Kannan, saying, “Murugadoss used to keep saying ‘I want to make it in Hindi, I want to make it in Hindi.” Pradeep also revealed how much the filmmaker loved Salman Khan and how much he wanted to play the actor in the film’s version.

Pradeep thought Salman was not the best choice for the part in spite of this. “I thought in my mind that Salman is angry and that Murugdoss doesn’t speak Hindi or English,” he clarified. Back then, he didn’t even have a personality.

Based on his collaborations with Aamir on films like “Sarfarosh,” Pradeep came to the conclusion that Aamir was a more fitting contender for the part because of his cool-headedness. He revealed, “I felt that Aamir would be a good fit for the part because he has a calm demeanor and treats everyone with respect. I have not witnessed Aamir yell or scream at anyone in the last twenty-five years. He has never used foul words or treated someone disrespectfully. Therefore, I reasoned that Salman’s nature would make things too difficult or complicated.

Pradeep continued, saying, “Aamir sharif hai but chalak bohot hai.” Even though Aamir seems naive in he is incredibly smart and perceptive. Bohot hoshiyaar hai After watching the movie, Aamir quickly agreed to be a part of it, even after six months of chase.

Ghajini by A.R. Murugadoss was a huge blockbuster. Aamir Khan and Asin played the key parts. Both audience members and critics praised the actor’s outstanding performance as well as the compelling plot with several surprising turns. It is a Hindi version of the same-titled Tamil film. Suriya, Asin, and Nayanthara appeared in the Tamil adaptation.

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