Its been nearly a year since the inaugural event took place in Miami at The Lawn ‘island Garden”. to great success.

This year the event has gathered more momentum and more support from manufacturers worldwide all looking at Miami as a perfect location to showcase their designs and technology of the future of the automotive world .

With only 36 manufacturers invited this is becoming very competitive on technology and design. With Brands looking at Miami as the gateway not only to continental USA but also to South and Central America.

In addition this year will also host an international design award contest inviting 12 designers to showcase their digital design in an attempt to win best design award of the year 2021.

With an array of judges from the echelon of automotive designers industry, this competition will soon be a must win for most young designers wanting to enter the world of automotive design.

In addition to the design contest will be showcasing for the very first time in the USA, selection of concept cars from leading manufacturers. This will evoke the creativeness of the future automobile and inspire the younger generation to keep on innovating .

Just like last year the will be held at The Lawn at Island Gardens in Miami.

Saturday November 20th will be Press Day and Gala Evening with the Public Day on Sunday November 21st. From 10- 4pm . Free of charge to attend. Click on link to your free tickets


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About Supercarrooms:

The term ‘Supercar’ evokes the mind to envisage a collaboration of automobile engineering with detailed aesthetics and a desire to push the boundaries. With this imagination comes the possibility of creating exceptional pieces of automotive history. These pieces become integral to shaping the future and become highly collectable due to the nature of their limited numbers and rarity, thus making them highly desirable..

A Supercar Rooms Experience engages all sensory perceptions, enabling the guest to have a heightened understanding of the foundations of where, how and why certain characteristics evoke such powerful engagement. SCR ensures that no details are spared in curating an event filled with content and interaction whilst always delivering on the highest level of hospitality.

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Founder and creator Elo, s British-born automotive visionary owner of one of today’s most coveted collections of classic, vintage and custom designed vehicles – on two wheels and four – forms the centerpiece of an aesthetically fueled concept in luxury automotive excellence, epicurean hospitality and nightlife entertainment, considered to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world..

Elo started to develop his own collection of cars, this passion stemmed from an early fascination and appreciation to automobiles. His collection grew into having a car for every mood and occasion. A real car enthusiast, Elo is an avid collector for over 30 years. Presenting on various TV show’s such as; ‘Modern Wheels or Classic Steals’ on DAVETV and ‘Ultimate Wheels’ on HISTORY UK channel and ‘Slips’ MTV. Elo has secured himself as a leader in the automotive custom/classic car scene.

‘A lot of these cars are Design Icons …

They are literally ‘Rolling Pieces of Art,’…

If you look at them, you see design, ingenuity, determination and commitment, these are the stories I want to hear…”

About Elo:

In 2015, Elo decided to bring his creative expertise to the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts and Entertainment District. A conceptual idea turned reality and henceforth the World’s first ‘Road Art’ Gallery was created with the inaugural during Art Basel 2015..

Miami Supercar Rooms is the world’s first members-only Road Art Gallery and Premier Automotive Event Space..

As of 2018, an impressive 34,000 square foot indoor and outdoor venue revolves around a purpose-built Road Art Gallery, housing a continuing changing display of some of the most desirable cars in the world..

The various areas can stand alone or combine to form a multitude of striking configurations to accommodate any event large or small.

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