“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

– Peter Drucker

Ebony Henry is a rising name among the list of successful entrepreneurs, who has come a long way to make a mark. She is now counted amongst the multiple six figure entrepreneurs who have managed to change multiple lives in a positive way.

She is working constantly and rigorously towards making the lives of women financially independent. Wanting to spend more time with her family and devoting time for her own self motivated her to leave her previous employment and start an entrepreneurship journey. By helping others, she has earned enough to surpass her previous position.

Ebony Henry is devoting herself to empower women and giving them financial freedom and power. She is helping women achieve their ultimate dream and make a difference to their societies.

From working under a boss, to being your own boss is truly a wonderful experience! And Ebony is living well on that experience, which has allowed her to become the face of success for many women.

When asked about how she sees women empowering themselves, Ebony shared that all women don’t actually have to leave their respective jobs and start on the entrepreneur journeys. They can keep working and also keep contributing to society. They can carry on the work of being a philanthropist, or simply contribute to the church and make the lives of other people better. Such things will give them a sense of freedom and responsibility that would, in turn, make them empowered.

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