In the social media world, Meta has already established a strong reputation for itself through feature offerings, monetization strategies, and other areas. The business has given Facebook creators additional options in a recent upgrade. This is the updated list of new tools.

A/B Testing for Reels

Facebook Reels now allow for A/B testing, allowing artists to evaluate how different thumbnail and caption combinations work. This feature lets you test up to four different variations when making a reel on a mobile device. The performance is seen on the Professional Dashboard, and the chosen version will be put automatically on the creator’s page or profile.

Rewards and the Achievements Hub

Facebook has added the Achievements Hub to the Professional Dashboard. From here, artists can monitor their progress in many categories, including Education, Stars, Reels, and Progression. One new achievement, “Reels streaks,” recognizes creators who consistently release Reels. Facebook is also testing rewards for reaching certain milestones, like increased visibility in the Feed or a “Rising Creator” label on the creator’s page or profile.

Every Week Tasks

Once creators have completed all Progression levels, they can participate in weekly challenges designed to further their creative journeys. These challenges include posting or responding to comments, reaching a certain amount of Reel plays or interactions, and other goals.

Management of Content

A content management feature has been added to the Professional Dashboard, allowing producers to manage and arrange all of their articles, videos, and reels in one place. Creators can choose to trash, move, or hide posts from their pages or profiles in addition to viewing them. Additionally, content administration is made simpler by the insights about content performance that are provided.

Improved Insights

With the addition of substantial data dating back 90 days, Professional Dashboard Insights now offers content creators a more comprehensive understanding of the long-term performance of their work. Reel-specific Reach, distribution scores, and an audience retention graph are among the additional Reel-specific metrics that have been added. Analytics for reel plays now include replays, which offer helpful details on the material’s performance.

Support Hub for Creator

The Professional Dashboard’s Creator Support Hub provides search and shortcuts to make it easier for creators to find solutions and access relevant Help Center articles. Shortcut connections to frequently searched topics, like monetisation eligibility and meta-verified products, simplify the information retrieval process.

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