Mis Tesievmey a Cambodian Business woman well known as the CEO and Owner of TeSiemheng at Phnom Penh Cambodia’s Capital City. This company was established in 2020 as a local Shop by Mis Tesievmey and her family members due to high demand of bikes models it grown much and the capmany value was 500K$ in 2020. The TeSiemheng had more then 15000 employs working currently.In early 2021 Mis Tesievmey decided to shift her bikes company branches to other big Cities in Cambodia.Now it has more then 10 large branches all over the Cambodia.The Head office of this campnay is in Capital City.

One of Famous Bikes Brands are Honda Dream, Suzuki and other latest series.according to a survay in september 2021 the Campany value is near 1 million$ and Mis Tesievmey Net Worth is 500K$.All Bikes have good Service inesption facility and Offical Warrenty by Tesiemheng Mis Tesievmey is much trusted and honest due to loyal Service company 

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