While Italy is waiting for their beloved Icon to get back on Italian soil, let’s track back some of Aurora’s life history.

Aurora Rosselli is an Artist, Photographer, Designer, Influencer, and Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Sicily, she was born into one of the most Prominent Spanish/Israeli/Syrian Templars’ bloodlines. In European society is very well known that she’s the descendent of King Baldwin of Jerusalem, cousin of King Felipe of Spain, and King Fabiola of Belgium (now deceased). Little is known about her childhood, sheltered away and raised to be one of the most prominent Royal Bloodlines of the Templars. Her Grandmother’s death, and subsequentially her Father’s passing just three months ago, is forcing her to come back into the country and get back into the Sacred Order and place peace.

As pandemic restrictions end and the European royal families adjust to their pared-down new normal, Aurora will remain one of the most visible and best-loved working royals—and an essential representative of the monarchy’s future.

“There is a great sense of excitement around the day she’ll re-enter and a feeling that this will mark the start of a new beginning for the sacred order,” said a former senior Templar courtier, who is involved in planning the trip.

As the only daughter of a self-made politician, whose roots stretch back to a family of royals, Aurora has fit seamlessly into everyday society, even as her more familiar sources help her remain relatable and authentic to the public.

According to a former courtier who knows Aurora well, her family values, loyalty, and discretion have prepared her well for the order leader’s life. “There were many times when she would come to the Vatican to speak with the ecclesiastics in waiting, private secretaries, and those who work closely with the Pope so that she could learn about her future role,” the source says. “She wanted to know what it was like to go to a banquet, how to conduct herself on a walkabout, and what would be expected of her on a regional tour so that she could get it right. There was a real willingness from everyone to help her make it work as the first woman in an official role.”
While in her official visit, since her beloved Grandmother and Father passing, Aurora is set to return, opening up her photography exhibit “Acherontia” at the Med Photo Fest, based on a series of self-portraits named after the death hawk moths, and will receive the prestigious Mediterraneum Collection 2021 Award, awarded each year to one of the many authors who have donated some of their works to the Mediterraneum Collection photography archive (to date over three hundred authors) aimed at creating a museum space dedicated to excellent photography authors in the Sicilian territory.

The Italian royal has been linked before to numerous celebrities but never went public with any of them. To name a few, Tyson Beckford, Chad johnson, Stefano Gabbana, Sean Diddy Combs, 50 Cents, Floyd Mayweather, and has been recently spotted with Bigo Host TKO Capone.

While one insider spilled that the star and Capone are enjoying each other’s company, and they’re having a great time together, Aurora is not confirming the friendship with the Bigo host. “They’ve been super careful to keep it private and out of the public eye, but they’ve gone out publicly with each other and try and spend as much time as possible together. They’re both really ambitious, and they challenge each other, but most importantly, they are the perfect match and have a deep love, respect, and admiration for one another.”

We reached out to a rep from BigoTV, but he did not comment on the allegations, and Aurora’s chief of staff did not get back to us.

While we impatiently wait for Aurora to come back into Europe, we keep our eyes peeled open on this super hot couple.

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