When Rashmika Mandanna and a fan met, the fan requested that they dance to Saami Saami from her Pushpa: The Rising album. She claimed to have followed the steps numerous times.

An AMA (ask me anything) session was held on Twitter on Monday by actor Rashmika Mandanna, who was most recently seen in the Tamil film Varisu. When a fan asked her to dance to her well-known song Saami Saami from Pushpa: The Rising, Rashmika said that she had already danced to the tune “too many times.” She also addressed a lot of other queries. The actor continued by expressing her concern that as she ages, her excessive dancing may cause her to experience back issues.

Rashmika also mentioned that she is conjuring another Vijay movie to come soon during her AMA on Twitter. Rashmika stated she misses her dog so much because she is now in Mumbai on a shoot when responding to a question about her pet.

Rashmika has previously stated that the concept does occasionally enter her mind. Others are having an issue with my body, she had stated. I can look like a man if I exercise too much. I’m too fat if I don’t work out enough. She starts to stutter if I talk too much. If I stay silent, well, that’s attitude. People could find it awkward for me to both breathe and not breathe. What then are you asking me to do? Should I leave? Should I stay?,” she said.

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