The COVID-19 pandemic forced numerous to have virtual New Year’s Eve parties, and that is obviously reflected in WhatsApp’s numbers. Facebook’s chat application set a record as 2020 found some conclusion, with 1.4 billion video and voice calls put on New Year’s Eve 2020 — the most ever in a single day on WhatsApp. It was a 50 percent spike over the occasion from a year sooner, and surpassed even the beginning of the pandemic in March.

Other applications pushed limits too. Facebook Messenger had its biggest ever volume of group video calls in the US, with twice the same number of calls as on the normal day. Facebook Live and Instagram Live likewise had 55 million broadcasts around the world.

Facebook said it needed to make “unprecedented efficiency improvements” and in any case support its framework to deal with the heap from its different applications during the pandemic. Groups were at the ready during New Year’s Eve, as well. On the off chance that your WhatsApp call went easily, you presently know why.

The WhatsApp record is one Facebook probably wouldn’t mind keeping for quite a while to come — in a perfect world, mass vaccinations make face to face New Year’s Eve festivities a reality once more.

All things considered, this shows how internet calling has been basic to saving traditions at an especially difficult moment.

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