As a business owner, you know that bringing customers into your business is the foundation of success. Without customers or clients, your business will not generate revenue and without revenue, your business will eventually fail. 

One of the best ways to consistently bring new customers into your business is by implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), either by DIY’ing or SEO outsourcing. 

SEO is the way you optimize your web content for search engines. Get it right and your content will appear in the first few pages of search results for a keyword you have optimized. Get it wrong or ignore it altogether, and your content will be so far down in the search results, the average person will never see it. 

However, for many people, SEO can feel like something much too difficult to implement. While there are a few best practices, most of the SEO advice you use can become outdated seemingly overnight. Outsourcing is a great solution but there are a few pros and cons to consider

If you are struggling with your company’s SEO and are thinking of outsourcing, here are several signs outsourcing is the right choice. 

You Don’t Understand SEO Basics

One sign you should contact your local seo agency is if you don’t understand the basics of SEO. While there are many SEO strategies and tactics, you need to understand the basics to implement SEO successfully. If you don’t have time to learn SEO or just feel overwhelmed, consider outsourcing. 

Your Website Isn’t Ranking

One sign you might need to outsource SEO is if your website isn’t ranking. When you search for your website online, are you finding it in the first few pages of the search results? 

Research shows, 75% of internet users will never scroll past the first page of internet results. This means if your website isn’t ranking, you won’t be found in an internet search. 

You Are Lost When It Comes to Marketing

A common frustration many business owners share is not understanding how to market their business. This is not just frustrating but a real problem that will affect the success of your business. If you have tried and tried but cannot learn marketing, outsourcing your SEO will help. 

You Don’t Understand How to Use Keywords

While there are many steps to take to optimize your content or website, keywords are the foundation of effective SEO. If you don’t know how to find the right keywords and use them in the right way, you might want to consider outsourcing SEO services. A robust keyword strategy can help you get found in an internet search and target your ideal clients and customers. 

Your Marketing Strategy Is Nonexistent 

Do you have a marketing strategy? If not, you need to create one right away. If you are ignoring your marketing because you find it confusing, outsourcing can be a great solution for your needs. 

Your Marketing Team Is Overwhelmed

One sign you should consider working with an SEO outsourcing company is if your marketing team is overwhelmed. While marketing does take time, you should see results if you are consistent and strategic. If your marketing team seems overwhelmed, consulting with an SEO company can put your team on the right track. 

You Are Not Seeing Results From Your Marketing Efforts

Are you trying everything you can think of without seeing any results? Then you likely need help. Outsourcing your SEO and marketing is a great way to get results without spending the time or effort yourself. 

Your Website Is Outdated

If your website is outdated, chances are your SEO is also outdated. An updated website says a lot about your business. It established credibility and authority and helps your customers trust you. An updated website is also easier to rank in an online search. 

You Don’t Know How to Analyze Your Results 

As a business owner, you have access to useful data that can be used to create effective marketing campaigns for your business. However, if you are not sure how to analyze or use your data, you can easily misunderstand your customer’s needs.

You can also target the wrong customers and waste your time and money on marketing efforts. If you have a lack of training or education on data analysis, hiring an SEO company can help you use your data correctly. 

You Are Losing Money on Your Campaigns

There are many ways to market your company, some are free and some are not. If you are paying to market your company but aren’t seeing results, you are losing money that can be used elsewhere in your business. If you are tired of wasting money, one way to get a return on your investment is by outsourcing to an SEO agency. 

You Are Not Getting Traffic 

One of the most common signs your SEO is not effective is if you are not getting any organic traffic from search engines. This means your website is not showing in the first few pages of search results, which is why consumers are not visiting your site. Ranking and getting traffic are problems that can be solved with an effective SEO strategy. 

Your Business Is Not Growing 

Ultimately, the best reason to outsource SEO projects is if your business isn’t growing. Effective SEO can help you target your ideal clients or customers and gently guide you through the buying process. If your business isn’t growing and you don’t have a solid marketing strategy, consider outsourcing your SEO. 

SEO Outsourcing: These Are the Signs You Need to Outsource Your SEO

If you are thinking of SEO outsourcing, this guide is for you. 

One sign you can benefit from outsourcing your SEO is if you don’t understand SEO basics. You should also consider outsourcing if your website isn’t ranking, you don’t have a solid marketing strategy, or you are not seeing results from your marketing efforts. If your business isn’t growing despite your efforts, outsourcing your SEO is likely the right move. 

If you find yourself in any of these situations, consider outsourcing your SEO.

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