According to the latest information, the Financial Times; IDB Mobile Technology is one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.  

IDB Mobile Technology is currently in 27th place and climbing fast, on the FT1000 list: Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

As we have already mentioned, IDB Mobile Technology is ranked in the 27th position among the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. This ranking is based on three years of employee and revenue growth. What’s even more impressive, IDB Mobile Technology is in second place as the fastest-growing company in Croatia.

On the FT1000 list, we can see 1000 leading European companies. The companies from this list are from all sectors and the ranking is based on the growth in the period from 2016-2020. Also, the Financial Times notes that innovative and fast-growing companies are the future. First and foremost, FT1000 companies create jobs, maintain competitiveness, and are the backbone of the 21st-century economy.

This award for 2020, comes as proof of their work. Namely, before less than a year ago they experienced a major milestone for success. In that period, they received an official confirmation from AppEsteem. AppEsteem was founded by Microsoft cybersecurity veterans, and today is a leading consumer organization.

Chris Tomic CEO and founder of IDB Mobile Technology after this award said that he is extremely proud because this is fantastic recognition. Also, this is one great international milestone for IDB Mobile Technology and for their customers, it is a guarantee of quality and safety. In the end, they have only one goal, to become even better. This recognition is proof that they are on a good trail.

If you want to know more about the FT1000, visit the Financial Times page.


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