Yamaha is adding new motorcycles to its line-up in India. The latest release of YZF-R3 and MT-03 demonstrated this. After a long wait, Yamaha’s Indian lineup now includes motorcycles with several engines for the first time. To keep the selection interesting for CY 2024, the business is now offering new colors with its high-end motorcycles.

Yamaha Introduces New Colors:

Recently, Team Blue had hinted at new colors on their social media accounts. Since Yamaha frequently ranks outside of the top ten lists of scooters sold, initial rumors suggested that the business will be introducing new colors for its scooters. As of January 9th, the brand’s FZ street bikes, FZ-X neo-retro, and R15 faired motorcycles will all be sporting the new colors.

Every motorcycle has an equally varied selection of newly introduced colors. The company wants to improve its position against competitors like Hero, Bajaj, and TVS by adding additional colors to their sales envelope. Yamaha has introduced three new colors: one with FZ-S FI Version 3.0 and FZ FI, two with FZ-X, and three with FZ-S FI Version 4.0 Deluxe and YZF-R15.

Version 3.0 of 2024 FZ-S, Version 4.0 DLX, and Version FI of 2024 FZ:

Yamaha prefers to keep the previous model available in order to expand its lineup whenever it introduces a new car. That precisely describes the FZ lineup in India. Yamaha has announced Matte Grey, priced at Rs. 1,21,700 (ex-sh), with 2024 FZ-S FI Version 3.0, and Matte Cyan, priced at Rs. 1,16,500 (ex-sh).

A new color is not included in FZ-S FI Version 4.0. Matte Black, Majesty Red, and Racing Blue are the three new colors available for the FZ-S FI Version 4.0 DLX. The price for each of these is the same, at Rs. 1,29,700 (ex-sh).

FZ-X in 2024:

For many, the naming approach may seem a little confusing when adding colors inside the FZ range. However, it is not the case with FZ-X. Yamaha has introduced the Matte Titan color shade with the FZ-X, which costs Rs. 1,37,200 (ex-sh). But that’s not all. The general neo-retro style of FZ-X is complemented with a new, super-cool Chrome color.

Because a Chrome finish requires meticulous labor and time, FZ-X Chrome has a slightly higher asking price. It will go on sale in February 2024 for Rs. 1,37,200 (ex-sh), while Matte Titan is already available.

YZF-R15 in 2024:

Yamaha’s most valuable asset is the R15, which served as the brand’s flagship for a very long period. A quick shifter, a nicer TFT instrument screen, gold-finished USD front telescopic forks, and other extras are included on the M version of the R15. This update doesn’t include any new colors for that model.

Three additional colors are available for the regular R15: Racing Blue, Vivid Magenta Metallic, and Metallic Red, which retail for 1,87,000 (ex-sh) and 1,82,000 (ex-sh), respectively. As the name implies, vibrant Magenta Metallic is vibrant, with bold pink accents over a grey base coat. This color might be interesting to customers.

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