Facebook has incidentally uncovered key data about its next VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2, in front of a normal disclosing at the Facebook Connect conference not long from now.

As talked about in recordings posted quickly on Facebook’s Blueprint e-learning stage (and since chronicled on YouTube), the Oculus Quest 2 is introduced as even more a spec move up to the current Quest than a totally new generational split.

The independent headset, which doesn’t need outer sensors or handling hardware, will play all unique Quest games, as per the video. The Quest 2 can likewise show VR games running on a Windows PC by means of Oculus Link, much the same as the first headset.

The Quest 2 games a SnapDragon XR2 processor, as indicated by the recordings, a critical overhaul from the Snapdragon 835 that was adjusted for the Quest from cell phones. Chipmaker Qualcomm says the XR2 can give multiple times the CPU and GPU execution, multiple times the pixel throughput, and multiple times the AI activities every second, contrasted with the 835.

That additional power goes to some extent toward a “almost 4K display” on the Quest 2 with almost 2K goal per eye, as per the video. That is an almost 50 percent expansion in crude pixel tally over the first Quest, making it “the most elevated goal headset we’ve ever constructed).

The new headset additionally sports a move up to 6GB of RAM (up from 4GB on the first) and will come in setups with up to 256GB of capacity. The headstrap has been overhauled as “new soft touch strap” while the Oculus Touch regulators have been “updated with new ergonomics,” as indicated by the recordings.

While the Facebook spill didn’t indicate a value, Walmart recorded a condenamed “Oculus Point Reyes” headset at $399 for the 256GB stockpiling choice prior this month.

Facebook recently declared that all its VR headsets will before long expect clients to have a Facebook account. Facebook as of late quit selling the Quest in Germany in the midst of expected legitimate and protection concerns raised by that move by German regulators.

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