Sageer Nelliparamban and how great he made the software

Sageer Nelliparamban and how great he made the software

Sageer Nelliparamban is a Systematic Software Engineer, offering 10+ years of experience Petroleum Industries and organizations. He is a talented developer with two Master’s degrees from Melbourne University, Australia, in Information technology.

 Sageer Nelliparamban has a great background in iOS and Android mobile application development. He is a great innovator with deep knowledge of the latest industry trends and advancements. He has Expertise in collaboration with software applications to continuously improve tools and resources. He has 10+ years of experience, offering outstanding support to users of various levels. He is a Master of exceptional skills and knowledge in Information Technology and subject matter expert on various software applications.

He has a great list of achievements is given below: 

  • Collaboration with a team of 10 in the development of Online check writer
  • Supervised a team of 15staff members.
  • Australian Computer Society Assessed  certified Technologist
  • Member of Australian Computer Society
  • Elected Associate of Australian Computer Society

Now,  he is the Chief technology officer (CTO) at He is the executive in charge of the company’s needs as well as its research and development. He oversees the company’s data, security, maintenance, and the network of the company, and implement the technical strategy. He develops policies and methods and uses Technology to enhance services that focus on our customers.

It is challenging to run a business solely. The hard work is the main necessity to be a great businessman.  With his experienced team, he developed a company (OCW) is a company registered in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in California and Texas. It is changing the way small and medium businesses transact.

But Technology makes a dramatic change in solo business operators. The 50 % solo owner ether they failure in their business or they stay the same way. They are not updating Technology or not turning the second key. They think Technology for large scale industries or say cant affordable. Technology is not a way of business. It’s a great method of business. Adding a technology never gives you profit or money, But Technology gives you benefits and converts your benefit to profit. There is 1000 of small apps and application available for beyond their thinking level.

How great he made the software?

It’s a secure and simple on-demand Money Movement Platform that converts paper checks to instant digital checks and ACH to Real-Time Payment (RTP). It is integrated with all major US and International banks. It is also fully ready for the upcoming 2022-FedNow and targets Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS). Also included are new generation instant digital checks, eChecks, eMail checks, and RTP to traditional printed checks by the user, online or offline using any printer and paper. Again this is without any transaction fees. 

OCW uses artificial intelligence to prevent forged and unauthorized payment by seamless integration with your bank to block it effectively. It offers auto-reconciling for cleared and uncleared checks, deposit slip printing online for any bank, and blank paper check printing by connecting to QuickBooks or processing real-time. 

The ability to add users with access levels, including management control, and get paid by link or SMS text message (for example, rental payment, recurring service fees). It can also print and mail customer’s checks to the payees directly without leaving their desk.

OCW is affiliated with Tyler Petroleum, a Texas-based corporation with more than 200 staff members. This software was made for Tyler Petroleum and later released to the public. Good things happen when Technology and finance come together. It’s a partnership that makes life easy.

To be a successful business operator, Make Technology is part of your business, and it’s a long-term investment. Update your mind and business. Its changeability to operate, think, and do something, there are many options. It does not signify how large your business or how small your business and what service you do. Choose the best way, not the old way, or stick with the traditional way to become successful.

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