It is always an easy thing to dream for something but when it comes to bringing it into reality, we see too much hard work to be added and put. And when your road is tough, the going also becomes difficult. However, there are souls who overcome all the hurdles and emerge as a competent man in their chosen fields. One such name is of rapper and singer George Dickinson who is based in Chicago. He has seen a tough life though, but was stubborn for his success in his chosen field. 

Being brought up by his single mother, he came all the way to become a singer and rapper. His journey in this field started when he was barely 15 and he knew music was the only saviour for him. He worked hard to prove his competence in his field and started making songs and albums of his choice. He then kept adding a couple of songs and albums in his field to prove his worth. One of his popular albums was New Narcotics that made a good buzz around him on the social media. 

He is extremely talented and his skills can be seen from his raps and songs he keeps on singing. Now, these days he is busy with his next venture called Go George, which will be his new song album. He is leaving no stone unturned to add all the fun elements that can make it a worth listening and somewhere not less than a treat for his fans and friends. He is all set to release it and very much excited to do it. Let’s wait and watch to catch the best song for all.