Sunil Gavaskar, a famous hitter, is furious over India’s lacklustre performance against Australia in the World Test Championship final. The former India captain was quite critical of his country’s performance in the major competition, which cost them a second chance to win an ICC trophy in ten years. Gavaskar criticised the disastrous batting order before questioning the team’s strategy and saying that the entire group has to focus on all the things that went wrong for India throughout the match.

“I have played on teams that were eliminated at 42 and we were devastated in the locker rooms. We received harsh criticism as well. You cannot, in my opinion, say that the current lot is impervious to criticism. They must be really analytical about what transpired, how they were dismissed, why they bowled poorly, why they failed to catch, and whether or not the playing XI was chosen correctly, according to Gavaskar on Star Sports.

You cannot dismiss this by saying, “Yeah, we have two games versus the West Indies. The world’s top team is not West Indies. You simply go in and destroy them, whether the matchups are 2-0 or 3-0. This doesn’t signify anything because how could you win the trophy if you were to face Australia again in the finals and commit the same errors? Added he.

“It was a fairly typical shot. exterior of the off-stump. Then, he was going. Maybe he knew he needed one more run to reach his half century. It occurs as you get close to a significant milestone, Gavaskar stated on Star Sports.


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