Following a strong debut in 2020, Yung Gecko left his mark on the music industry releasing 4 songs that were able to each gain hundreds of thousands of streams across all platforms. Striving to release music with a wide variety of styles, Yung Gecko has already shown his versatility in all of his works. For “Fake Friends”, he was able to display his lyricism and a wide variety of flows in one project. “Quiet Thots” was a song made for fun and highlights how Yung Gecko can turn unserious lyrics into a professionally recorded single.

In November 2020, “Time” was released, a song that showed a new side of Yung Gecko, a more slow and melodic style with a mix of singing and his well-known rapping. For his last song of 2020, Yung Gecko released “Spain” which was by far his best work. Using the meme of the “S” being silent in the word “Spain” to create the word “Pain”, Yung Gecko was able to create a catchy hook and meaningful lyrics for a hit single which has amassed over 1 million total streams. With a successful year for Yung Gecko, current and future fans should be excited about what he has to offer for the music industry.

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