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With big smiles and happy hearts people everywhere are talking about the new release of XTORMY’S latest EP “EGOISM”. Sometimes you hear music and you think to yourself, “ehh… i’m not really feeling it”. And other times you here music and your like, “Yo! Turn that joint up!”. Well, “EGOISM” is one of those “Yo! Turn that joint up!” kind of projects.

XTORMY is a rising artist based in Chicago, Illinois. He spends most of his time as a creative, producing all types of entertainment art. His primary talents are singing, songwriting and creating music as a recording artist. These skills were strengthened as Xtormy pursued his passion at a young age, joining in various classes such as musical theater, dance and music.

Xtormy told us a little bit about his influences in music growing up in the early days of his youth. People like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Motown, Darryl Coley, Fred Hammond and Judy Garland all had a major impact on the creative style of Xtormy’s musical upbringing. If you listen closely, you just might here some of these musical influences shining through in his new 2021 cross-genre EP “EGOISM”. The project is available online and can be streamed on all your favorite streaming platforms!

Over the years, Xtormy has been blessed to experience what it feels like to grace the same stages as well-known artists he has always looked up to. Names like the Chi-Lites, Thea Austin, Debbie Allen and the multi-talented Grammy award winning Malik Yousef are just a few that Xtormy has opened up for and/or performed with.

The new EP “EGOISM” continues to attract the attention of music lovers all over the country. Xtormy is very excited about this project influencing and encouraging his fans to be themselves no matter what other people say. He wants people to be able to love themselves beyond measure. Xtormy believes this is one sure way to find true happiness and freedom in ones life.

Taking a more advanced look into the “Egoism” EP, we learned that it was written based on the self expression and the life experiences of Xtormy. The freedom to be who you are is the purpose for this combined fusion of pop, R&B, and dance music. Have you heard the EP yet? If not, it’s about time you do.

“Jupiter’s Woe” is a prominent song you will find on the “EGOISM” EP. The song stems from a hopeful relationship gone wrong. One that almost destroyed Xtormy’s life and his music career. The lyrics formulate a story about wanting to make something work with a person who is clearly not the right one.

“I Have A Performance” – XTORMY

The new EP “EGOISM” is available on the web! Be sure to stream it!
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