New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Hasten Mercy offers a video for his latest hit, “You Don’t Leave Me.” On the track, he focuses on the complexities of relationships. “You Don’t Leave Me” is just as strong as his previous works. The couple’s on-screen push and pull accentuates the internal conflict that can be heard in the chorus’ inner monologue. The leisurely rhythm of the music places it well within the slowcore genre’s ambit. In addition, elements of early 1990s alternative rock, proto-shoegaze, and dream pop are included in the composition. The vocals take up the majority of the album’s space. The grooves on this project are more emotion-driven than tempo-driven. The brilliant wordplay is the highlight of the song, and the tone seems to be chosen with great care and consideration.

Michael Baker, a.k.a. Hasten Mercy, is a member of Head Fake, an anonymous trio of seasoned 1980s performers/producers recapturing the essence of the new wave with modern tools. Hasten Mercy debuted his self-titled EP in 2021 and is known to generate both musically and lyrically exciting as well as soulful compositions. Baker’s approach is enigmatic, and he has effectively mixed numerous innovative music genres, all of which are backed by melodies that are based on lyrics. He is sure to create even more of a mark in the music industry. The cinematic and symphonic music collection by Hasten Mercy is accessible on all major streaming platforms.

“You Don’t Leave Me” is now available on Spotify and YouTube. Follow Hasten Mercy on Head Fake’s website for more information on his forthcoming projects.

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