Shahid Kapoor is prepared to take audiences on an exciting voyage with Bloody Daddy after Farzi. The actor admitted that doing action films has long been a dream of his. “I believe that every youngster wants to do it, but they must wait until they are men in order to do it. He shared with a smile, “I believe I am now prepared for action.

Shahid continued, “People have been buying into my films which had violence, were intense, sort of dramatic and forceful. Action films have been on my ‘menu’ for a while. So it was only reasonable to enter a pure action movie. Because Ali (Ali Abbas Zafar) was in charge, things became simpler for me. Action dramas, in my opinion, are primarily a filmmaker’s responsibility. Naturally, Bloody Daddy is an action movie with a focus on performance. However, I had seen Ali’s work and enjoyed it, so I was eager to collaborate with him. The drama has been kept incredibly rough and authentic. You won’t feel like you are witnessing something from the outside because it is hand-to-hand. It’s absolutely genuine.

As a final question, we asked Shahid Kapoor how he manages to break free of his gloomy characters, a challenge that most actors frequently face. He shared with a chuckle that it confuses him when he hears someone explain how they entered a dark space when playing characters. “I never realised that something like this could occur. My father has never gone through that with me. Naturally, there are times when you feel worn out or out of the mood, but once you are with your family and child, everything seems to be fine. You see, life is not just about watching films, so we shouldn’t allow work take up too much of our time. It’s a demanding job.

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